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Role of Nutrition for Hair Growth and Hair Loss

It is true that very particular nutritional deficiencies can affect the hair, as this most often than not results in undue hair loss. However, the rate hair grows is said to vary based on hormones, age, genetics and gender, and so researchers have pointed out that proper nutrition is highly ...

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Why India, for hair transplantation? Discuss the factors


India in the 21st century has been ranked a prime destination for the treatment of various hair problems and other ailments. India was never taken or seen as platform where many health conditions and ailments could be permanently cured, but India today is no longer below the ranks in terms ...

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Types of Hair transplant available in India


body hair transplant eyelash/eyebrow hair transplant beard hair transplant moustache hair transplant facial hair transplant   Body hair transplant is medically referred to as a revolutionary hair transplant procedure where the patient does not have any donor area, practically too weak a donor area or not prepared to undergo FUE ...

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